Custom-made Scroll

Each of our piece is unique. Our mouth blown glasses have a shape of their own, and each series has its specific shades. All of our models are customizable and available from one to 90 lights. Each glass is available in different finishes and every cable is adaptable even once the structure is installed. Can’t find the right lighting for your project? Create it.


You can choose the model that suits you among our wide range of glasses, from the simplest to the most elaborate, from the most imposing to the most discreet.

From transparent to opaque, or from sober to brightly coloured, each glass is available in different finishes according to its collection. You are free to choose from our standard models, or create your own colour combination for a unique result.



Depending on your project, you can decide on the number of glasses and their arrangement. Spaced out, grouped together or in a particular pattern.

Sur mesure


Mostly offered in round plates, our supports can also be declined on rectangular, oval or personalized shapes according to your taste. You can also choose the finish of your plate so that your light piece corresponds to your project.

Coloris support
Dessin verres suspension
Disposition verres


The cables can be easily adjusted even when your pendant light is installed, allowing you to change the layout any way you like. The possibilities are endless; the same suspension can completely change its look depending on the arrangement of the glass.


Our cables match the colour of the plate by default, but you can choose the colour you like best and customize every detail of your suspension.

Coloris cables
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